Last Minute Christmas Shopping Inspiration

Last Minute shoppers
Photo: True Energy Socks

Rushing to finish your Christmas shopping? Here are two recent finds that could make your shopping easier and faster.

True Energy Socks. I received three pairs of these colorful socks to try just prior to taking an airplane trip to Harlingen in South Texas. Not a very long flight from DFW, but we had to leave early that morning. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I opted to wear a pair of the True Energy socks.

I wanted to see if these “magical” socks could keep me going for the next 12-14 hours including the flight, then driving down to South Padre Island. We stopped for lunch and exploring around the Port Isabel Lighthouse, followed by a busy schedule of activities that evening. These True Energy socks proved to be my lucky charm! I’ll wear them on all my trips—and daily adventures—from now on.

True Energy Socks

These socks are available in both women’s and men’s sizes. They feature Infrared thread that helps with pain relief and improves circulation, so helpful on an airplane. They really seemed to give me energy that kept me going until almost midnight on our trip.

Christmas shopping
Photo: True Energy Socks

My socks came in three brightly colored, different patterns cut low so they don’t show above my sneakers. I’ve starting wearing them without shoes around the house in cold weather. These “miracle” socks are available to order on, and I’ve ordered them for several people on my Christmas shopping list. I’ve also ordered some for my husband so he can keep up with me, since my feet are so energized I walk faster than ever.

Amazon lists three pairs of True Energy men’s socks for $16.10 (list price $22.99), available for fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime. Women’s Low Cut Socks like mine are also available in a three-pack for $16.10. Today’s ad says we can still get them delivered Dec. 23-28, so I’m buying an extra three-pack for myself!

Super Cocoa

Another energizing, healthy product I sampled recently is RDCL Superfoods Super Cocoa. Since eating popcorn and drinking hot cocoa on cold winter nights is a favorite activity around our house, I was eager to try this plant-powered version. Packets contain a wide assortment of organic fruits, veggies and herbs, but Super Cocoa’s primary ingredient is pea protein. The company promises to deliver “chocolate indulgence” without any “nasty ingredients.”

Last minute shoppers
Photo: RDCL Superfoods

The Super Cocoa is made with two types of real cacao, plus organic veggies, fruits, and ancient grains and seeds. So far we’ve used three packets from our 12-pack box. One packet made a cup of hot herbal cocoa for my husband, who somehow must have realized this wasn’t the “real thing” like the sugar-filled cocoa with marshmallows he likes. He gave it back and ordered a Dr Pepper with his popcorn. But I liked mine so much I drank his too. I especially enjoyed knowing that a cup of Super Cocoa made with hot water only has 80 calories.

Super Cocoa is available to order online in 12-packet box for $29.99 at, with the promise of delivery before Christmas. The website also offers other plant-based super foods and discounts for holiday shoppers.

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