KAZE KN95 Masks Offer Style & Function In a Face Mask

Navy blue KN95 mask

To Mask or Not To Mask?

So I know COVID numbers are up and then back down and we all have pandemic fatigue. Many of us were hoping to ditch the masks and return to seeing others faces once again. But, COVID, like life, is unpredictable and there are still places and occasions when you’ll need a face mask. For example, my husband recently spent a week in the hospital, fortunately they let me visit him as long as I wore a mask. And during a vacation in Italy masks were required in the Vatican and when using public transportation.

For the last two years we’ve tried so many different face masks, often feeling like the bride trying to find the perfect dress. Our expectations are high: it must be comfortable to wear for a long period but also protective. Since I wear glasses, I need a mask that works well with them- translation: no fogging and still sits well on my face. Also, a mask that plays nicely with my ears.

family of four wearing face masks
Both adults are wearing KAZE N95 masks in the intense heat in Athens, Greece.

We recently discovered a KN95 mask we love, so indulge us, while we count the reasons. I’ll start with what motivated us to contact KAZE about trying their masks. They are stylish. You can match your mask with your outfit with the variety bundle or go bold with their sour candy series. Going to the office and need to coordinate your mask, KAZE has a color for that!

Comfort is Key To Mask Wearing

Next, they’re also comfortable to wear. The three dimensional design, ergonomic shape and padded nose bridge, check all the right boxes for a comfortable fit for all day. Plus, the adjustable ear loops give the wearer a better fit. I often prefer to wear a face mask that goes over my head, but loved how easy these were to adjust. In testing these masks, wearing them for several hours, my ears never felt like they were being tugged on. A bonus: I received many compliments on my bright masks.

Woman wearing bright orange KN95 mask

Now, let’s talk about the reason for wearing a mask: protection. KAZE Original is KN95 certified with five layers of filters. Their masks are CNAS certified GB 2626-2019 (view reports) as well as certified by SGS, world-class Swiss test lab (view report). So, they pass the protection test and I was still able to breathe easily while wearing one. *With asthma some masks feel like they are suffocating, not the case with these.

Something I noticed while wearing a KAZE KN95 mask, when your mask is stylish and unique people tend to notice its unique design and colorway. They focus more on how different and stylish the mask is vs. why you’re wearing a mask in a world where many have chosen to drop their mask.

We spent three weeks in Italy and Greece and I wore a KAZE KN95 while on the international flight. It was so comfortable I was able to nap comfortably with the mask on. So, if you’re looking for a protective mask that is comfortable, stylish and even fashionable check out the KAZE KN95



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