Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard Signs Distribution Agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Texas

Flat Creek Estate
Photo credit Flat Creek Estate

Austin, TX (October 30, 2023) – Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard, purveyors of world-class wines produced minutes outside of Austin, proudly announces an exciting new agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wines & Spirits of Texas (Southern Glazer’s), the preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol. Together, they are set to extend access to their world-class wines across the Lone Star State.


Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard’s owner, Eva Horton, is at the helm of this monumental collaboration. Eva is using her extensive background in real estate and retail to transform Flat Creek Estate into a premier destination with world-class wines and extraordinary experiences. With her unwavering passion, Eva is poised to introduce the multi-award-winning wines to fresh and familiar palates throughout Texas. Up to now Flat Creek’s wines have been a well-kept secret, known only to the privileged few who have visited the estate. With the relationship with Southern Glazers, these extraordinary vintages and blends will now be available across Texas 


These world-class wines, meticulously crafted by the distinguished winemaker Olivier De Certaines, can now be savored at select retail locations across the state, featuring 6 distinctive vintages and blends, including the Super Texan, the Montepulciano, the Four Horsemen, and the Pinot Grigio. Flat Creek’s ideal limestone terroir allows us to grow several different international varietals, with our grapes being harvested, fermented, and aged at the vineyard. Our wines are skillfully fermented and aged using both new and old-world techniques – each intended to bring out and enhance the unique qualities and characteristics of the varietals.  


“We’ve had visitors from all over trying and singing praises for our wines,” says Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard Owner Eva Horton. “This relationship with Southern Glazer’s is just the start to make our wine accessible to more people to create flavorful memories from our vineyard to their homes. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our offerings to a wider audience.”


The woman-led leadership team at Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard is taking what they know best: winemaking and retail experience to Texans and visitors from beyond. Eva is pioneering an approach to winemaking, and her unwavering commitment to creating an inviting and distinctive atmosphere for estate guests sets Flat Creek apart as an undeniable leader in the world of fine wines.


Flat Creek Estate Winery & Vineyard is open year-round, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in exceptional wines and unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s a captivating wine-tasting soiree, an intimate romantic dinner, or a meticulously curated corporate outing, Flat Creek Estate promises a unique escape just beyond the heart of Austin. For more information, please visit https://flatcreekestate.com/.