Ellis County COVID-19 Hospitalizations Increase, Dallas County Tops 1,000 New Cases

Ellis County COVID19 poster

588 Active COVID-19 Cases in Ellis County

The wave of COVID-19 cases continues to surge throughout Texas and doctors are concerned about staffing shortages and running out of ICU beds. Ellis County has 19 ICU beds and all 19 are occupied with 17 of those 19 COVID-19 patients.

In Ellis County, DSHS reports 588 active COVID-19 cases and there have been four additional fatalities since our last report, for a total of 329 deaths from COVID-19. With 235 hospital beds in Ellis County, 217 are currently occupied.

Ellis County Office of Emergency Management provided the following data in regards to the current COVID-19 cases.

Here are some Ellis County COVID-19 statistics as of August 9th, 2021 unless otherwise specified:

  • 19,802 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in total since the governor’s emergency declaration
  • 4,579 probable cases of COVID-19 since the governor’s emergency declaration
  • 329 fatalities since the governor’s emergency declaration
  • 23,707 (est.) COVID-19 recoveries* since the governor’s emergency declaration
  • 595 (est.) active COVID-19 cases as of August 9th, 2021
  • We experienced a low of under 50 new confirmed COVID-10 cases per day between March 4th and July 27th.
  • Since July 27th, we have seen a general increase in new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with a peak of 122 new cases on August 5th. * DSHS shows on August 10, Ellis County reported 173 new confirmed cases.
  • To put this into perspective, however, our county reached its highest peak of new confirmed cases on January 5th, with 774 new cases that day.
  • We have also seen an increase in new probable cases, with a peak of 69 on August 3rd.
  • There has been no corresponding increase in fatalities; Ellis County COVID-19 fatalities never exceeded 5 per day, and fatalities have either been 1 or 0 per day since March 4th.
  • 45.28% of the Ellis County population aged 12+ is fully vaccinated. 54.36% has received at least one dose.
  • 75.94% of the Ellis County population aged 65+ is fully vaccinated. 83.95% has received at least one dose.
  • Data is not available for Ellis County students in particular. That said, DSHS provides data for students across Texas.
  • A low of 41 confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported for Texas students on July 11th. Since then, there has been an increase to 283 on August 1st. To put that in perspective, a peak 10,487 new COVID-19 cases were reported for Texas students on January 10th.
  • On July 4th, a low of 16 new COVID-19 cases were reported for Texas teachers. Since then, we have seen an increase to 312 on August 1st. To put that in perspective, a peak of 5,825 new cases for teachers were reported on January 10th.

In Dallas County there were 1,009 additional positive COVID-19 cases reported and two new deaths.

Dallas County inpatient graph

“Today’s number of new COVID cases is once again over 1,000 and the numbers continue to climb. The staffing situation in our hospitals has never been worse and increasing numbers of patients require care. We need your help to turn the tide against this latest surge of COVID. Mask up when you’re indoors anywhere besides your home or outside where distancing is not possible and get vaccinated as soon as possible if you haven’t been.

If you have been vaccinated but a loved one of yours has yet to get vaccinated, approach them in a spirit of grace and understanding and get them the factual information along with your heart felt concern for their wellbeing and for their community. None of us can do everything, but we all can do something. This is a battle against a relentless enemy in the virus, and we are all on team public health,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

815 New COVID-19 Cases In Tarrant County

And in Tarrant County they’re reporting 815 new COVID-19 cases today with 91% of the county’s hospital beds occupied, 18% of those patients have COVID-19.

Tarrant County Judge Whitley said, “Tarrant County will not issue a mask mandate while the Governor’s current order stands. I am an ardent supporter of local control and still believe local governments should be given the tools to effectively fight emergencies.

I am in regular communication with mayors, superintendents, and hospitals and will continue to do everything in my legal power to promote the health and safety of Tarrant County.

The truth is simple – we know our hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated individuals. I urge everyone to get the vaccine.”