Duncanville Make Changes To Solicitors Ordinance To Improve Safety

Duncanville solicitors ordiancne

Duncanville Police Department Issues Visible Vest with Solicitor Permits

We’ve all had that “dreaded knock on our door” by a stranger selling the latest and greatest product, security system, or asking for a charitable donation. It can be annoying, sometimes unsettling, but every now and then it’s a chance to meet a new neighbor or support our youth.

The Duncanville Police Department wants to make it safer for solicitors and those answering their door for stranger. So, on February 2, at the request of the City’s Police Department the Duncanville City Council approved changes to Solicitors Ordinance No. 1194R, Chapter 13.

During that council meeting, Police Chief Robert D. Brown, Jr. outlined the department’s goals of improving safety, reducing criminal conduct, preventing unwanted intrusion, and streamlining solicitation permitting and record keeping.

Today, applicants approved for a permit will be issued a brightly colored solicitor’s vest with the permittee’s name, their photo, and a company name visible on the front of the vest

Additionally, the Solicitors Ordinance limits unwanted intrusion between the hours of 7:00 PM and 9 AM and on designated holidays. Because unless you’re craving dessert and a girl scout is knocking on your door with your favorites, no one wants to be disturbed by a stranger in the evening.

August 28, 2021 All Solicitors Must Have Vest & Permit

When the permits expire, vests will be returned to the Duncanville Police Department. There are 54 valid permits that were grandfathered prior to the Ordinance change, all of which will have expired no later than August 28, 2021. Those 54 previously permitted solicitors are not required to have such a vest but will be required to have a city issued permit in their possession. After August 28, 2021, no one should be going door to door without the vest and a permit.

Should you be contacted by a solicitor, or door-to-door salesperson not meeting these requirements, or by someone you feel is suspicious in anyway, you are encouraged to immediately call and report these concerns.

Non-emergency Phone # 972-223-6111 ext. 3

If you feel it is an emergency, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.