Duncanville ISD Resumes Classes Friday, February 25

Duncanville iSD school resumes graphic

Good news parents of Duncanville ISD students, the weather has cleared and administration gave the all clear for Duncanville ISD students to return to campus tomorrow.

To assess the roads this afternoon, Transportation Department staff drove the streets that bus drivers and parents regularly travel to school and discovered clear roadways. With no additional rain in the forecast and temperatures rising above freezing today, a decision has been made to reopen Duncanville ISD tomorrow – Friday, February 25.


This decision follows the district’s inclement weather plan of reviewing weather forecasts and evaluating roads within the school district’s boundaries. We recognize that there will be people who live in neighborhoods where there may continue to be ice. Parents, guardians and staff must make a personal decision about the safety of travel based on your circumstances and environment.


In addition to members of the Transportation Department driving the roads today, staff in the school district’s Maintenance Department have evaluated the campus buildings to confirm there has been no damage due to cold temperatures and the buildings will be warm and ready to receive students and staff tomorrow. Stay warm and be careful on the roads.