DeSoto ISD TEA Ratings Have Improved

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Campuses Show TEA Ratings Improvement Despite Increase In State Standards

DESOTO—The Texas Education Agency rated the DeSoto Independent School District as ‘Met Standard’. All 13 campuses were scrutinized under the state’s accountability system, which utilizes four indices – student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps and postsecondary readiness.

District scores improved over 2014-2015 in all four indices. Ratings still seem to be very positive with the addition of math this year, which added rigor.

When adjusting for the higher passing standard implemented in 2015-2016, there was a five-point increase in the student achievement index, a three-point increase in the student progress index, a four-point increase in the closing performance gap index and a three-point increase in the postsecondary readiness index. There was growth in student progress. There were positive gains in several campus categories.


Individual campuses receive TEA ratings of either Met Standard or Improvement Required and have the ability to earn distinction designations. All schools except one were rated Met Standard. The Meadows Elementary is rated Improvement Required. Currently, the district is appealing since some test scores were lost from that campus by the testing company. Distinction designations have not yet been released; those will be released Sept. 16.

“DeSoto ISD – our students and campus staff in particular – are taking great pride in their progress and accountability in their academic achievement – especially closing the achievement gap. I am very proud of the gains we have made, but there is no time to rest!” exclaimed Superintendent David Harris said. “With the higher standards this year, the improvements throughout the district are outstanding and validate the efforts. The development of our strategic plan and streamlined focus of student achievement under our outstanding programs will yield even greater results next year.”

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About the TEA ratings accountability system

Schools earn either a Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard or Improvement Required rating based on their performance in four key indices:

1: Student Achievement provides a snapshot of performance across subjects.
2: Student Progress measures year-to-year student progress.
3: Closing Performance Gaps emphasizes the academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students and the two lowest-performing racial/ethnic student groups.
4: Postsecondary Readiness emphasizes the importance of earning a high school diploma that provides students with the foundation necessary for success in college, job training programs, the workforce, or the military

The indices combine STAAR test results and graduation rates among other indicators.

The Met Alternative Standard rating applies to charter schools and alternative education campuses.

If a school hasn’t “Met Standard” for three years; state law says they must create a turnaround plan. In five years the school could be shut down.

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