City of Ferris City Manager Is Hands On In Solving City Issues

Brooks Williams working on water repair
Photo credit Brooks Williams

FERRIS – Residents of the City of Ferris spoke out loudly late last week, but for the most positive of reasons.

Ferris residents were impressed when after a water pipe failure threatened to create a big water issue, instead thanks to city staff and Ferris City Manager Brooks Williams, everyone jumped into the trenches, literally, to make sure the pipes were repaired in only a few hours.

The water was restored quickly and pressure was re-established taking only about 90 minutes to get back to normal levels.

“An 8-inch line separated and failed late last week,” said Williams. “Water towers were impacted and our bypass line was opened to maintain as much service as possible.”

Over the years water service has been a topic in the City of Ferris, but not since Williams took the helm of the city.

Residents responded with accolades applauding the city’s team work with one resident writing “Show me another City Manager who will jump in the mud, mid-storm to fix a waterline so we aren’t without water.”

Another past Ferris City Councilmember added “I absolutely am overwhelmed at the photographs. Great job to all who took a swim this a.m.”

Williams jumped into the trenches, this isn’t the first time.

As residents of not only Ferris, but also Ellis County know the City Manager also played a big part in bringing Ellis County’s only location providing COVID vaccines, COVID testing, and Flu shots – all at no cost to citizens.

The City recently discontinued the fixed site operations on the monoclonal antibody treatment center, at the time the site was closed, it had treated over 8000 patients who were COVID positive and over 500-home bound patients.

“The operations of the site reached far beyond the city limits of Ferris and served surrounding cities and counties. Ferris was the number one treatment center in the State of Texas,” Williams explained.

The latest in a string of successes for Ferris with Williams at the helm includes a 38-phase master-planned development recently announced that will span over 5,200-acres. There are also four additional developments – two with the first and second-largest home builders in the country – that will be building in Ferris too.

“I am determined to take the 147-year-old City to a place in which it looks like it just came out of a catalog” Williams said. “Ferris will soon be the pride of Ellis County, the City is changing and I believe our residents deserve and appreciate a city that is running smoothly and that is what my goal has been since taking the job of City Manager here in Ferris.”



About the City of Ferris: The City of Ferris is a city located in both Dallas and Ellis County. It is located along I-45. A rapidly growing community, Ferris is 20 miles south of downtown with a total of 4.8 square miles.