Case Z-1489 -23
The City of DeSoto Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a Public Hearing to consider Zoning Case Z-1489-23 amending Planned Development-20 (PD-20) zoning to allow for a three (3) story hotel/motel (Extended Stay America Hotel) in addition to other deviations on a property located at the southwest corner of The Meadows Parkway and N. I-35 E. The property is Tract No. 3.3 consisting of 2.55 acres of land and is addressed as 1225 N I-35. The applicant is Shiva Patel and is owned by Onyx Hospitality, LLC. The hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission has been set for Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Asunto Z-1489 -23
La Comisión de Planificación y Zonificación de la Ciudad de DeSoto llevará a cabo una audiencia pública para considerar el Caso de Zonificación Z-1489-23 que modifica la zonificación del Desarrollo Planificado-20 (PD-20) para permitir un hotel/motel de tres (3) pisos (Extended Stay America Hotel) además de otras desviaciones en una propiedad ubicada en la esquina suroeste de The Meadows Parkway y N. I-35 E. La propiedad es el Tract No. 3.3 que consta de 2.55 acres de tierra y se dirige como 1225 N I-35. El solicitante es Shiva Patel y es propiedad de Onyx Hospitality, LLC. La audiencia ante la Comisión de Planificación y Zonificación se ha fijado para el martes 28 de febrero de 2023 a las 7:00 p.m.

For meeting information please go to the City website ( to view the agenda. If you have any questions regarding this case, contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (972) 230-9622. If the ordinance is approved by the Planning Commission, or the applicant appeals a denial of the request, then the hearing before the City Council will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.
The building in which the above meeting will be conducted is wheelchair accessible; spaces for the mobility impaired are available. Any request for sign interpretative services must be made forty-eight hours prior to the time of the meeting. Arrangements for sign interpretative services may be made by calling the City Secretary at 972/230-9646 or by calling TDD-1-800-RELAYTX (1-800-735-2989).
To be a valid written protest the protest or petition in opposition must be filed with the Planning Department before 4:00 P.M of the working day immediately preceding the date in which City Council will hear this case.