2023 Ultimate Gift Guide For The Guys On Your List

2023 guys ultimate gift guide photo collage

Is it just me, or are the guys in our lives the most difficult to shop for no matter the occasion? When I ask my husband or brother what they’d like for Christmas, I either get blank stares, a shoulder shrug or the standard ‘whatever’. With their lack of input, I find myself roaming the aisles of the home improvement store or searching the internet for inspiration. If you’re looking for some ideas for the guys, we’ve created this guide to help you shop for the men in your life.

Digital Frame From Cozyla $99 + up

Cozyla digital picture frame

Innovative digital frames with WiFi HD touch screen, available in multiple sizes and styles
Send pictures via email, Google Photos, Instagram, and the Cozyla app. Super easy to
sync your 10000+ Google Photos to the frame with a few clicks and share albums to other frames easily. This is the perfect gift for the Dad, Grandpa or husband, brother in your life.

  • Free unlimited storage
  • Upload photos to frames with voice recordings to make your pictures come to life

P2000i Power Portable Inverter Generator ($799.99)

Polaris P2000 generator

For the guys that likes to be prepared, the P2000i Power Portable Inverter Generator is perfect for powering things like your radio, outdoor string lighting, cell phone, laptop, TV, coffee maker and blender! From tailgating, camping or just sporadic power interruptions the P2000i is quiet, efficient, has clean power for light, everyday needs, and is truly a trusty travel companion.

Polaris NorthStar Coolers ($199 – $429)

Northstar cooler ad from Polaris
Photo credit Polaris

Going hunting with your family? Camping out under the stars? Polaris NorthStar coolers survive just about anything. Ice will stay cold for hours on end, and anything inside will stay locked up tight. Whether you simply want to keep your beverages and food cold, your supplies dry or need to transport your game harvest from the field, this cooler is built to hold more and withstand the punishment of an off-road environment. The tough molded construction features dedicated tie-down cleats to easily keep put in your off-road vehicle. Ploaris NorthStar Coolers are available in 15, 30, 60 & 105 quart sizes.

GRID Backpack from Ekster

guy with GRID backpack on
Photo credit Ekster

The GRID Backpack is a thoughtfully designed backpack to carry everything you need while offering maximum protection and organization and its both handsome and rugged. This backpack is perfect for the frequent traveler, the adventure seeker and the business professional.

  • The first backpack that charges your laptop on the go capacity to simultaneously charges three devices via add on portable power bank. The power bank, sold separately, is able to  charge laptops and offers up to 6 full charges for your phone or 1 for your laptop. (26,800 mAh capacity)
  • The first trackable backpack via add-ons with Ekster-invented a solar-powered Tracker Card – a traceable Tracker Card (similar to an AppleTag, a credit-card-sized tracking card), making it easy to locate missing bags. As we’ve recently traveled internationally, I won’t travel anywhere without the ability to track ALL of our bags. I love that Ekster has a tracker card.
  • Hidden side pockets with RFID-blocking technology shielding cards from thieves (block credit card’s electromagnetic signal).
  • External storage – from elastic water bottle pocket compression straps to attach extra gear.
  • Modular components for seamless organization.
  • Fits a 16” laptop.
  • TSA ready and easily stowes under airline seats.
  • Customizable dividers to maximize storage
  • Water-resistant 400D and recycled polyester
  • Extra rugged padding to break the fall
  • Exterior handles and a carry strap for easy grab and go
  • Internal mesh pockets and organizational elastic straps
  • Fits full body houses and mid-size cinema cameras

The Glenlivet limited-edition “Brighten The Holidays” gift set

The Glenlivet gift kit

The kit is a perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life, someone who loves the comforting scent of the holidays, someone looking for a new set of coasters, or even better, someone who fits the bill for all three!

 Available exclusively at ReserveBar.com, the offering includes:

  • A bottle of The Glenlivet 14 Year Old
  • D.S Durga candle
  • Panna Coasters from SONA Home
  • An exclusive recipe for a festive cocktail and a celebratory poem by Samira Asma-Sadeque from the Asian American Writer’s Workshop

For more inspiration for the drinker on your list, check out our 2023 Spirits Gift Guide.

Casa M Spice Shaker Set

Casa M shaker gift set

For the Chef, King of the Grill or the foodie, kick things up a notch with Casa M Spice shaker gift set. The gift set contains a great variety and includes some of Casa M’s award winning spices and they are low sodium + all natural. Created by guys that know their spices, are passionate about food and family, and they are Texans.

This complete Casa M Spice Co® gift set includes:

10 oz Stainless Shaker of Chain Reaction® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Cattle Drive® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Free Range® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Good Shepherd® (1 cup of product)
9 oz Glass Clamp Top Lid of Hooked® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Pecking Order® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Jerked Chain® (1 cup of product)
10 oz Stainless Shaker of Whole Hog® (1 cup of product)
7 silicone stretch lids to fit over each of the Stainless Shakers

Improve His Hearing With ClearCast™

headset for neck
Photo credit ClearCast™

If you’ve often joked about your guy having ‘selective hearing’ but in reality he has some hearing loss, check out ClearCast™ – the first doctor-designed Category 2 FDA-registered assisted listening device. This discreet, easy-to-use, affordable solution amplifies conversations while also tuning out background noise, enabling clear listening for television programs, dinner-table conversations, podcasts, sermons, lectures and more. Ths device is more discreet than a hearing aid, and easier to use for some, plus it doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or fitting.

Simply slip on the neckband, insert the earbuds, and adjust the volume to hear conversations through the microphone inside the neckband. For more severe hearing loss or when the speaker is farther away, place the separate wireless mic near the source of the sound and it will route the conversation directly to the earbuds. $399.99 at clearcasthearing.com, 30-day risk-free trial, 100% moneyback guarantee.

Nomatic Navigator RS Backpack 15L ($159.99)

sand colored backpack from Nomatic in chair
Nomatic RS backpack in sand

Nomatic makes some of the best bags and travel accessories on the market. Perfect for commuting or everyday use. Featuring dedicated storage for a 16” laptop and optimized internal organization for day-to-day essentials, this backpack only weighs 2.4 lbs when empty. The main compartment is optimized for organization, featuring two mesh pockets, two stretch-liner pockets, a zipper pocket, and two pen pockets. It also has a dedicated laptop and tablet pocket, with a dividing wall and false bottom to protect your devices

Taking the backpack on a long trip, it can expand an additional 6L,from 15 liters to 21 liters if you need more space while on the move. Carrying everything you need while remaining sleek and slim, this is your everyday, all-day go-to pack. We’re huge fans of the collapsible hidden pocket for water bottles that accomodated our BruMate without falling out. Available in sand or juniper the Nomatic Navigator RS 15L stands out with its small footprint and clean design.

8000 Kicks Explorer V2 

green sneakers made with hemp
Photo credit 8000 Kicks

Is your guy always checking out the latest shoes and sneakers? Check out the 1st waterproof hemp shoes from 8000 Kicks– Sustainable and 100% vegan, durable, comfortable, made with super light algae soles, anti-odor hemp insoles and waterproof for the winter. Dress them up with slacks and wear them with jeans, these were designed and engineered in Portugal to achieve the most ecofriendly, durable and comfortable sneaker ever built. Minimalist, yet stylish enough to fit every occasion, indoors or outdoors. And, yes you can wear them on airplanes without triggering any alarms or searches. In our experience they run a bit small, so consider ordering up a size.

Find Your Balance with GiBoard

Display your GiBoard when not in use and make it a part of your home decor Photo credit GiBoard

Giboard is a fun, challenging, and safe balance trainer for everyone! One look and you’ll feel like a kid again and ready to try your hand at this cool new product, arriving just in time for holiday gift-giving. You’ll turn any place into an adventure. Perfect for any age at helping improve balance.

The stable, low-profile design (5.5” H) keeps you low to the ground. No dramatic fall while balancing. Its the perfect gift for the guy, girl and teen on your list this holiday season and looks awesome in the room or mounted on the wall when not in use.

This modern take on a balance board is eye-catching and never boring! The minimalist profile makes it ideal for use in the gym, outdoors, at home, and even in the office (plus, it’s great for home décor – you can’t say that for most fitness equipment!). Strengthen your posture, fitness, and creativity – all while looking pretty cool doing so. The never-ending freestyle tricks and movements you can do are great for confined spaces, rain or shine.

Made of high-grade, durable maple from sustainable cultivation in America.


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