Work From Home Desks, A Versatile Solution

    black work from home desk
    Black work from home desk Made in the USA

    Review: Work From Home Desk

    For the first time ever our home is now a home office for the grown-ups and a virtual classroom for the kids. The problem: we have one office in our house only big enough to accomodate one person at a time. Without additional room or a “home renovation” budget, we needed a solution to meet our needs.

    If I were to close my eyes and make a wish, my list would include: a desk that doesn’t take too much space, a desk that can be stored when not in use, and one that blends in with our decor. So, my back to school shopping commenced with a new desk the top priority.

    During my search I discovered the ergonomic desk from work from home desks. The company had me at “folds flat and can be stored under a bed, sofa or in a closet.” I gave them bonus points because their desks are made in America. But, I wondered, are they really easy to assemble or will assembly have me swearing under my breath? I contacted Work from Home desks and asked if they wanted to send us a desk to try.

    Girl sitting at work from home desk

    Assembled In Under 10 Minutes

    UPS delivered the box and left it propped up against our front door. On the outside of the box it stated the weight was 48 lbs. We briefly thought about dragging the box through the house to the guest room, but after a family vote, decided to cut into the box and carry the pieces in. In less than 10 minutes the pieces were on the guest bedroom floor, and I was stressing over assembling it.

    Our 11 year old bravely volunteered to tackle the job while we watched. I started a timer, and sat back out of her way. In less than eight minutes, without the need for any tools, our new desk was put together and ready to be used. It fit perfectly in the space we chose (Dimensions of desk 35 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep, and 47.25 inches high) and we were impressed by how quickly and easily we can change it from a sitting position to a standing position.

    assembling work from home desk
    Assembling work from home desk is easy and does not require tools

    It was love at first sight for our 10 year old. “”That’s so cool,” he shouted as he suddenly claimed the desk as his new HQ for virtual learning. He was stocking the desk with his school supplies before I could argue with him. Admittedly he has good taste and the workspace is perfect for his iPad, journals and art supplies.

    boy sitting at work from home desk

    Features of the Desk

    While one of my favorite features of the work from desk is its ability to be stored flat and kept out of the way, the desk is so unobtrusive it will probably be a permanent fixture. The desk is made using with high-quality natural birch ply, and once assembled is stable. If you use additional monitors, you can purchase a monitor stand or laptop wing. Shipping is free, and with the desk priced at $396, we found it to be reasonably priced.

    work from home desk under bed
    Work from Home desk folds flat to be store under a bed. Photo credit Work From Home desk

    There aren’t many desks available that are made with quality materials for under $500. For us, the ability to easily store the desk when not in use is a big selling point. But, we also love that we’re supporting an American company based in California. They also offer a desk specifically for kids.


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