Paul Christenson Running For Ellis County Tax Assessor/Collector

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Paul Christenson announced he is running for Ellis County Tax Assessor/Collector in the March 1, 2022 Republican Primary election. Mr. Christenson is a Conservative Republican. He and his wife live in Waxahachie, Texas.

As a Certified Public Accountant with a Master of Business Administration degree, Mr. Christenson says that he is running for the Ellis County Tax Assessor/Collector because Ellis County citizens want and deserve Good Government.

According to recent news articles in the Midlothian Mirror (November 8, 2021) and the Focus Daily News (June 15, 2021), an audit of the Ellis County Tax Office resulted in allegations and indictments for longstanding money misappropriation. The audit revealed lax accounting, a lack of staff training and defined processes, a lack of internal controls over money, and a distinct lack of oversight.

“The Ellis County Tax Office is responsible for collecting property taxes and distributing the monies to governments and ISDs in Ellis County. The longstanding and ongoing failures have resulted in many of the taxing authorities in Ellis County not receiving all of the funds due the citizens, and have adversely affected the ability of our ISDs, Cities and Towns, and Ellis County to hold taxes in line and provide all needed services to the people that they serve.

We deserve a qualified Tax Assessor/Collector to make sure that our money is safeguarded and distributed correctly.”

Mr. Christenson brings over twenty-five years of experience in helping private companies, non-profit organizations, schools, and county governments in a leadership role to improve performance as well as to implement information systems and processes to improve services.

Over the last 15 years Mr. Christenson has worked with numerous hospitals and health care systems in a leadership role to create and implement solutions to improve health care delivery, create new services, improve information systems, manage finances, and operate efficiently. Christenson has also helped three county governments to do the same.

Christenson also created a public school program to implement Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Services to improve health care outcomes and educational opportunities for special education students. The program was so successful that it was implemented on a state-wide basis in Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

“What a great opportunity to use my varied leadership and management experiences to rebuild trust in the Ellis County Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office.”
Christenson says “I commit to the people of Ellis County that I will use my many years of leadership, workforce development, and operations management experience to create and diligently monitor a reputable tax office focused on customer service.”

I ask for your vote in the March 1st republican primary election. Ellis County citizens deserve nothing less!

Paul Christenson

Source: Press Release