Nextlink Internet Awarded $429 Million to Build Rural Broadband

Nextlink truck in front of tower
Photo credit Nextlink Facebook

Bringing Gigabit Connectivity Closer to Over 205,000 Rural Households

Hudson Oaks, Texas, August 31, 2022 – Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it has awarded $429,152,518 to Nextlink Internet through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) to bring gigabit fiber and wireless internet to underserved rural communities across 11 states in the Midwest.

Bill Baker, co-founder and CEO of Nextlink said, “We are excited to partner with the FCC to deploy gigabit connectivity to households across rural America. With significant licensed spectrum holdings to support gigabit wireless plus fiber projects ready to kick-off construction, we are well-positioned to move quickly to connect the unconnected.”

With this award, Nextlink will expand beyond its existing seven-state footprint into Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Louisiana. The company will also deepen its presence in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota because of the RDOF program.

“We appreciate the FCC’s deep analysis of our application and ultimate approval,” said Claude Aiken, Chief Strategy Officer. “Chairwoman Rosenworcel has had to make some tough calls on this program, and we appreciate the authorization of Nextlink. This is a win for consumers nationwide and will get these rural households and businesses connected years in advance of network buildouts under the BEAD program. Much like we are ahead of schedule on our CAF II construction, we anticipate beating deployment milestones on RDOF as well.”

“What a great way to celebrate Nextlink’s 10th anniversary: engaging in another public-private partnership to build great internet with tremendous customer service to households and businesses that need it the most,” said Bill Baker. “As a rural-based, rural-focused company, we look forward to partnering with the new communities we will be serving under RDOF to ensure you can have world-class internet no matter where you live or work.”

About Nextlink Internet

Nextlink Internet is a rural-focused provider of high-speed internet and phone services in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The company is a fully IP-based, carrier-class network from core to edge with approximately 87,000 customers, more than 950 team members, and extensive fiber and wireless infrastructure. As an active participant in public-private partnerships to close the digital divide, Nextlink is working to rapidly connect thousands of additional homes, schools, libraries and businesses in small communities across 11 states. For more information: