Meow Wolf has been named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024

neone art exhibit
Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, NM (March 18, 2024) —Meow Wolf has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024.

This year’s list shines a spotlight on businesses that are shaping industry and culture through their innovations. These organizations are setting new standards and achieving remarkable milestones in all sectors of the economy. Alongside the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, Fast Company recognizes 606 organizations across 58 sectors and regions.

“Every Meow Wolf visit sparks a personal revolution, shattering norms and reimagining the role creativity can play in each one of our lives,” said Jose Tolosa, CEO of Meow Wolf. “Being recognized alongside such groundbreaking companies only fuels our commitment to exploring new realms of innovation and inclusivity.”

Over the past year, Meow Wolf has embarked on a series of innovations designed to expand minds, and experiences beyond exhibition walls. Meow Wolf unveiled its groundbreaking fourth exhibition, The Real Unreal, in Grapevine, Texas, and announced an upcoming fifth exhibition in Houston for 2024.

Meow Wolf broadened its narrative reach and ventured into the digital realm, introducing its universe into the virtual reality gaming space via Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf, and launching the Multiversal Multitool app to enhance the immersive experience within and outside of exhibitions.

In a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, all exhibitions have achieved Certified Autism Center status, alongside a collaboration with Aira to assist visitors with low hearing or deafness. Further emphasizing its desire to bring the Meow Wolf Universe to the masses, Meow Wolf crafted immersive worlds with performance activations at festivals such as Life is Beautiful, Vortex, and the upcoming Texas Eclipse.

A Certified B Corporation, Meow Wolf’s Foundation announced their first grant cycle
focusing on local arts organizations. These initiatives highlight Meow Wolf’s relentless pursuit of redefining the boundaries between art, technology, and storytelling, captivating and inspiring a global audience.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies stands as Fast Company’s hallmark franchise and one of its most anticipated editorial efforts of the year.

Fast Company’s editors and writers identified the companies driving progress around the world and across industries, evaluating thousands of submissions through a competitive application process. The result is a globe-spanning guide to innovation today, from early-stage startups to some of the most valuable companies in the world. Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies package is available online, as well as in-app form via iTunes, and on newsstands beginning March 26. The hashtag is #FCMostInnovative.

“Our list of the Most Innovative Companies is both a comprehensive look at the innovation economy and a snapshot of the business trends that defined the year,” said Fast Company editor-in-chief Brendan Vaughan. “We saw extraordinary innovation across the board in 2023, but we also saw a handful of clear patterns: the growing footprint and impact of AI, the triumphant return of live events, and great leaps forward in climate tech. We face daunting challenges on many fronts, but the solutions we celebrate in MIC give me plenty of hope about the future.”

Fast Company will host the Most Innovative Companies Summit and Gala on May 16. The summit features a morning and afternoon of inspiring content, followed by a creative black-tie gala including networking, a seated dinner, and an honoree presentation. This event celebrates the Most Innovative Companies honorees and provides an inside look at cutting-edge business trends and what it takes to innovate in 2024.