Dallas County Tax Assessor Encourages Residents To Go Online

Dallas County Tax Office

Number Of People Allowed In Lobby Remains Limited

The Dallas County Tax Office has reopened all branch locations to serve the public. We are committed to providing a safe environment that will allow customers to conduct their business efficiently, while following new social distancing and safety protocols in each of our offices. Most services can be completed online or by mail, and those citizens who wish to avoid face-to-face contact are asked to visit www.dallascounty.org/tax, for more information on these alternatives.

New social distancing and safety protocols include appropriate social distancing, limiting the number of customers allowed in lobbies, and requiring face coverings/masks for each staff member and all customers entering the building. Additionally, Dallas County has implemented enhanced cleaning and frequent disinfecting of all common areas, credit card machines, counters, and pens.

New “Que to Text” technology has been added to Tax Office Branch locations. This will allow our customers to pull a ticket and provide their mobile phone number. They can wait comfortably in their vehicles and they will receive a text asking them to proceed to the lobby when they are getting close to being called. This will enable our customers to maintain proper social distancing and keep them out of the Texas heat.

Tax Assessor/Collector John R. Ames is reminding all residents that the Governor’s temporary waiver of vehicle title and registration requirements remains in effect. This means that citizens will not be penalized for renewing or registering late, until 60 days after the TxDMV makes an announcement of the end of the waiver.

At this time, that date is unknown. Mr. Ames is encouraging citizens to take advantage of processing their vehicle registrations (after a passed inspection) and property tax payments online at www.dallascounty.org/tax from the convenience of their own home or mobile devices.

Arrangements For Delinquent Taxpayers

Mr. Ames stressed, “We are committed to working with our delinquent taxpayers with various payment agreements that may provide for the reduction of some penalties as allowable within the Texas Property Tax Code.” Property Owners who owe delinquent taxes and are unable to make payment at this time are encouraged to contact our office via email at property.tax@dallascounty.org.

Most importantly, Mr. Ames concluded, “We recognize this is a difficult and uncertain time for our communities, and are working diligently to ensure that we continue to serve our residents with the compassion and excellent service they deserve, while maintaining an enhanced level of safety to the public and to our staff. We are excited about the implementation of our new “Que to Text” technology that will allow us to assist our customers safely. Please conduct your Tax Office business online when appropriate and avoid unnecessary face-to-face interactions allowing everyone to Stay Safe!”