A Case of Road Rage Ends In Arrest In Midlothian

Attempted Kidnapping Midlothian

MIDLOTHIAN – It was apparently a case of road rage that landed Nicholas Sanchez in the Midlothian Jail late last week. Sanchez is in his 20s, but his actual age and residence information was not released.

According to a spokesperson for the Midlothian Police Department, on Friday November 26 the Midlothian Police Department received a phone call from an individual who stated he had been shot and was following the suspect.

Drivers that passed the incident as it was happening around 6:30 in the evening reported, “Officers had guns pointed at the vehicles. It was scary.”

The Midlothian Police Department was able to successfully respond to the area, render aid to the victim, and quickly detain the suspect without incident. After an investigation, it was determined that the offense related to the shooting, which was an aggravated assault,  occurred in another city either the City of Venus or Alvarado.

An anonymous source added however, “The victim claims it happened in Alvarado. The suspect swears it happened in Venus.”

Venus is taking the case with the assistance of DPS/troopers.

Reckless Driving

The suspect was arrested by Midlothian PD, but only for the offense of reckless driving, which was the incident that actually occurred in Midlothian.

After the shooting, according to one Midlothian source, a chase began, involving a Dodge Charger and a white Ford Pick-up truck. While the incident did not begin in Midlothian, the chase continued into the city on Highway 67 where police were able to arrest Sanchez.

One resident who got caught up in the chaos while on her way to see the Nutcracker, wrote on her FB page “I was sandwiched in between 10 cop cars tonight following a high speed chase; a run-away Dodge Charger and White Ford pick-up were trying to outrun the cops.  I was on my way to the Nutcracker Ballet…. They arrested the guys and I made it to the ballet with two minutes to spare….. before doors closed.”

The victim, in his 20s, whose name was not released or the city where he is from, was taken to ICU after the chase where he is being treated for a ruptured lung.

Midlothian Police did say the victim survived.