Superintendent Statement About Ferris Junior High Alarm Incident

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At a time when tensions are high all across the country, schools are receiving more threats than ever. Every threat is being taken seriously and has led to school administrators implementing additional training and new policies. But, as one local Superintendent said this week, schools need help from the parents in alerting them to concerns and monitoring their social media.

Today, around 12:40 pm, Ferris ISD shared the following on their social media: “Parents and guardians, Ferris Jr. High is currently on lockdown due to a fire alarm being pulled and ongoing assessment of any potential dangers. We will alert parents as soon as more information is available. Ferris ISD Police and local fire officials are investigating and will update as soon as possible.”

Shortly after that notification Ferris ISD announced: “Ferris Junior High is now coming out of lockdown and safely resuming school as normal. The situation is under control, and more information will be shared as soon as possible.”

And approximately an hour ago the Ferris ISD Superintendent issued the statement below. While Ferris ISD handled the matter swiftly parents of students in Ferris ISD and other districts are asking, “how do I talk to my kids about their fears following these incidents?”

Statement From Ferris ISD Superintendent

Today at Ferris Junior High at approximately noon, a student pulled a fire alarm and allegedly made a threat against the school. Our police department took swift action and took the threat seriously. The campus went into lockdown, cleared the building, and that student is in custody and will be handled accordingly. We are thankful this was just a threat, but in light of current circumstances in our society, we were taking no chances. We appreciate your support for our students and staff.

James E. Hartman

Queridos padres y guardianes:

Hoy en Ferris Junior High aproximadamente al mediodía, un estudiante activó una alarma de incendio y presuntamente hizo una amenaza contra la escuela. Nuestro departamento de policía tomó medidas rápidas y se tomó en serio la amenaza. La escuela se cerró, despejó el edificio y ese estudiante está bajo custodia y será tratado en consecuencia. Estamos agradecidos de que esto fuera solo una amenaza, pero a la luz de las circunstancias actuales en nuestra sociedad, no nos arriesgamos. Agradecemos su apoyo a nuestros estudiantes y personal.

James E. Hartman