Summer At The Arboretum Features “Celebrate the Children”

summer at the arboretum
Cartwheel Kids at Dallas Arboretum

Summer At The Arboretum Highlights Gary Lee Price’s Sculptures

“Celebrate the Children,” Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden’s art exhibition designed and created by Gary Lee Price, is on display through October. These handcrafted bronze sculptures of children playing are placed strategically throughout the garden. The exhibition, presented by Reliant, is the centerpiece for “Summer at the Arboretum,” featuring family-friendly activities June through August.

Price’s “Celebrate the Children” exhibition features over 25 different bronze sculptures. Many of them are depictions of his own children. His 11-foot sculpture, “Celebration!” features joyous children celebrating life and soaring around the globe. Guests are invited to revisit childhood memories like Ring-Around-The-Rosie in “Circle of Peace.” The sculpture depicts five children playing in the grass near one of four “Cartwheel” statues. The sculpture pieces range from two to seven and a half feet tall, with one sculpture weighing more than 1,300 lbs.

Gary Lee Price exhibition at Dallas Arboretum
Celebrate Time Together

Dallas Arboretum Board Chairman Alan Walne

Chairman Walne said, “Thousands of Gary Lee Price’s sculptures are on display in public and private collections throughout the world, and now the public can see many of them up close. You may remember his ‘Great Contributors’ bronze collection at the Dallas Arboretum in 2016. They were so popular that we are excited to welcome him back as he captures the true essence of passion in every sculpture.”

Gary Lee Price and his wife have nine children and 16 grandchildren. Price’s biography says he “was born with the innate ability to communicate stories by simply breathing life into his clay and ultimately bronze. His multiple award-winning sculptures commandeer the power and grace of life as we know it. Gary’s tenacious 40-year crusade has been fueled by a desire to lift the human spirit through sculpture…He credits his success to his mother who…instilled in Gary the ability to express himself through art; and to his children who provide constant inspiration.”

Sculptor Gary Lee Price
Gary Lee Price

Price said, “Not only do I love the message and energy that great, positive art can put out into the world for our nourishment and sustainment…I love the very act itself of that creation. To be able to take an unidentifiable lump of clay and transform it into a shape that lifts and inspires others. I can scarcely put into words the joy that gives this sculptor!”

All Price sculptures on display are available for purchase, along with smaller versions in the Hoffman Family Gift Store. The Dallas Arboretum receives a portion of the proceeds.

Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden

The exhibition also celebrates the fifth year of the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden. The eight-acre scientific garden is dedicated to teaching children about nature, life and earth sciences in a garden. With 17 indoor-outdoor galleries designed for science learning objectives, the Children’s Adventure Garden is revolutionizing the landscape of interactive learning through a unique blend of innovative technology, 150 interactive exhibits and natural elements. The displays revolve around STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Celebrate the Children
Circle of Peace Dallas Arboretum photo

Summer at the Arboretum features special Family Fun Fridays in June, July and August. Families can enjoy the gardens, along with special activities such as face painting and a petting zoo. In the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, there are misters to keep guests cool, plus fun learning activities daily.

The “Celebrate the Children” exhibition, presented by Reliant, is also supported by the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District.