Staci Parr to Serve as Ellis County Auditor

Courtroom with group of people

Ellis County, TX – On Monday, April 1st, Staci Parr was sworn in by Judge Cindy Ermatinger as the new Ellis County Auditor. The County Auditor is appointed by the District Court judges for a two-year term and oversees compliance for all county financial accounts.

“I feel honored to be entrusted with the appointment as Ellis County Auditor,” said Parr. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside all our elected officials and department-heads in serving Ellis County and its citizens.”

“It’s our goal to be as successful as we can as a county,” said County Judge Todd Little. Everybody saw that recent news report showing we’re the eighth fastest-growing county in the United States. We’re going to have to manage our finances well because our constituents expect it. Staci, it’s an honor to have you in this role.”

Serving in an advisory role as a Certified Government Financial Officer (CGFO), the County Auditor ensures that all Ellis County financial accounts are properly balanced and compliant with state and federal law. To accomplish this, the County Auditor reviews every financial transaction made by Ellis County, its officials, and its employees.

“It’s very hard,” Judge Ermatinger explained after swearing in Parr. She took the classes and worked very hard…I commend [Parr] for doing this.”

The other district judges also complimented Parr for her hard work.

“We have…a duty and a responsibility to always attempt and aim to perform with excellence,” said Judge Bob Carroll. “That’s one of the goals that the district judges and the county judges have for you – that you perform all of your financial and audit duties with excellence.”

“This is a position of special trust,” said Judge William Wallace. “Your position is the one position that everybody turns to for the truth and the bottom line. We’re going to put a lot of trust in you, and we know we’ve placed it well.”

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