Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers Applauds Dallas County for Passing CROWN Act Resolution

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DALLAS, TEXAS – At their May 2nd, 2023 meeting, the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court unanimously passed a resolution in support of The CROWN Act. The resolution, which was offered by Commissioner John Wiley Price, finds that “the CROWN Act is worthy of support and that hair discrimination based on race or national origin does not reflect our values.” Dallas County further pledges to “align its personnel policies with the CROWN Act to ensure that we have a respectful and open workplace for natural hair.”


The resolution not only covers the history of hair discrimination and protective hairstyles, it also references HB 567, The Texas CROWN Act, authored by Rep. Bowers. HB 567 passed the Texas House overwhelmingly 143-5 on April 13th, and has made its way to the Senate State Affairs Committee.


Rep. Bowers had the following to say about the resolution:


“I am thankful for Commissioner John Wiley Price for offering a resolution in support of the CROWN Act, and for the Dallas County Commissioners’ Court for adopting the resolution unanimously. The CROWN Act is not only needed civil rights legislation, but it is deeply personal to me as well – so the support of my county is incredibly meaningful. I appreciate everyone that has joined in support of the CROWN Act, and together, I know that we will pass it for all Texans.”


Rep. Bowers further applauds the City of Pflugerville for unanimously passing their own local CROWN Act Resolution. Mayor Gonzales and the City of Pflugerville can stand proud in their commitment to equity and inclusion, as one of the first cities in Texas to take this action.