Red Oak Middle School Competes In UIL Academic Competition


ELLIS COUNTY—Red Oak Middle School participated in the UIL Academic Competition on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 at Red Oak Middle School. Seventh grade earned 1st place overall and 8th grade earned 2nd place overall.

“I am so proud of our students and coaches that worked countless hours preparing for this contest!” says ROMS UIL Academic Sponsor Maricela Torres. “All of their hard work paid off.”

Below is the list of individual awards:

6th Grade Awards

Drew Fleming—5th Place Oral Reading
Ashleigh Scott—6th Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Arianna Mena—5th Place Impromptu Speaking
Reagan McDaniel—5th Place Mathematics
Michaela Bullard—3rd Place Listening Skills
Aubrey McKnight—2nd Place Spelling

7th Grade Awards

Accalia Fox—3rd Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts AND 1st Place Social Studies
Jadyn Lampier—2nd Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts AND 3rd Place Social Studies
Qelise Freeman—4th Place Editorial Writing
Sarah Barnes—2nd Place Editorial Writing
Ella Simpson—1st Place Editorial Writing, 6th Place Impromptu Speaking
Carina Perkins—6th Place Social Studies, 2nd Place Listening Skills
Megan Fellows—3rd Place Ready Writing
Rachel Wilcox—2nd Place Ready Writing
Ellie Davis—4th Place Oral Reading
Amaya Rangel—3rd Place Art
Gianna Paredes—2nd Place Art
Devon James—1st Place Art (Perfect Score)
Kevin Martinez—4th Place Music Memory
Jade Cruz—3rd Place Music Memory
Austin Geffs—2nd Place Music Memory
Devon James—6th Place Number Sense
Jose Moreno—4th Place Number Sense
Josh Mullins—4th Place Chess Puzzle
Conner Alsup—1st Place Chess Puzzle
Audrey Moore—3rd Place Impromptu Speaking
Leah Hayward—1st Place Impromptu Speaking
Jaylie Feeley—5th Place Calculator Applications
Haley Kesler—6th Place Mathematics
Carlos Rojas—6th Place Science
Isabel Torres—5th Place Science
Larklin Dennis—2nd Place Science

8th Grade Awards

Natalie Rodriguez—4th Place Calculator Applications
Ehtan Mena—1st Place Calculator Applications
Nathan Jackson—6th Place Social Studies
Luke Cowger—3rd Place Music Memory, 2nd Place Number Sense
Tariq Ramadan—1st Place Social Studies
Sussan Hernandez—5th Place Editorial Writing
Paulina Diaz—4th Place Editorial Writing, 1st Place Impromptu Speaking
Megan Shauck—5th Place Art
Sharon James—4th Place Art
Mary Alicia Martinez—3rd Place Art
Alexander Shawn Cook—2nd Place Music Memory
Kaitlyn Low—1st Place Music Memory
Addison Sumbler—3rd Place Spelling
Maya York—6th Place Dictionary Skills
Korbin Dennis—5th Place Dictionary Skills
Bridger Humpheries—5th Place Number Sense, 2nd Place Chess Puzzle
Sydni Anderson—6th Place Oral Reading
Ethan Mullins—1st Place Mathematics
Casey Condron—6th Place Science
Alyssa Starr—1st Place Science
Mia Hernandez—5th Place Listening Skills
Tiffany Hayes—3rd Place Listening Skills
Ashlee Davis—3rd Place Ready Writing