Patricia Coleman Bank Of DeSoto Reader’s Choice

Patricia Coleman Bank of DeSoto
Patricia Coleman

2019 Reader’s Choice Best Banker, Patricia Coleman

Patricia Coleman, Vice President and Director of Marketing has built a legacy at the Bank of DeSoto. She has called DeSoto’s original hometown bank – the Bank of DeSoto home for the past 26 of the bank’s 32 years in DeSoto.

Ms. Coleman was hired as a New Accounts Representative in 1993 after moving to DeSoto from Arlington. She has since been the face of the bank to the outside community under the direction of founder J. Pierce Monkres and his son Jimmy Monkres.

“Actually, it was my husband’s idea to try that small bank on Hampton,” Coleman begins. “The rest is history. From the beginning, it was a fit. I felt right at home. From the employees to the customers, I knew this was much bigger than me. I strongly believe our gifts will make room for us, and take us to work among great men.”

Her job as the VP-Director of Marketing at Bank of DeSoto was not her original career path. She had wanted to be a social worker. She says either way “I have always enjoyed serving.”

Your Hometown Team, More Than a Motto

The Bank of DeSoto motto is, “Your Hometown Team” and Coleman is proud it has stayed that way. “We’ve increased our customer base, increasing our new business while maintaining our old businesses. We are servicing two to three generations. We’re making business in the 21st-century a pleasurable experience for all ages,” Coleman says. “If you like to bank from your business, home or market area, Bank of Desoto can accommodate your financial needs. There’s no business to small for our customer base.”

The bank was originally founded in 1986 and has become an integral part of the community over the past 33 years. It has been presented with the “Large Employer of the Year” award by the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce and is consistently voted among the Best Financial Institutions in the Best Southwest Area by Readers of Focus Daily News in the Readers Choice Awards.

Many are not aware of the very reason for the existence of the area’s only surviving newspaper, Focus Daily News, is the Bank of DeSoto. Back in the early 1990’s, approximately the same time Ms. Coleman began her tenure at the bank, Focus’ owner Marlon Hanson came to bank CEO and President J Pierce Monkres, requesting a loan based on receivables for future sales. Monkres agreed, and the survival of the newspaper was assured. It is such community involvement that has endeared the bank to citizens and businesses in DeSoto and the Best Southwest area.

Once a month, Coleman also around Desoto asking the residents what they’re looking for in a local bank. “Most people are first taken back,” Coleman laughs. “This always starts the conversation about their finances. Most people just want to he heard and included. Inclusiveness is important and it balances the playing field.”

Passionate About The DeSoto Community

As for Coleman and her family, they have called DeSoto home the last 28 years.

Attending Indiana University before making it down to Texas, Coleman says: “My husband, daughter and I not only work in the “All American City,” but my family and I also shop, eat and yes, worship in DeSoto.”

Worship and fellowship is important to this outgoing DeSoto resident as well. She has a Women’s Ministry called, Girlfriends P.A.C. Ministries. “This has been one of my most treasured callings,” she says of her ministry.

Dedicated to the ministry and to the Bank of DeSoto, Coleman adds, “With God’s help, I’d like to continue doing what I do best – that’s serving DeSoto, “The All American City,” in the Spirit of Excellence. It does not matter if it is at the supermarket, place of worship, shopping or spending time with friends, DeSoto will always have my heart.”

Coleman Serves With Gratitude

Coleman concludes with a few words of thanks to those she has surrounded herself with over the years.

“Special appreciation to my husband, OZ (MR. ESPN),” she says. “And, our daughter Oschuwa Coleman, for always believing in my journey. My favorite scripture is Isaiah 53:5, my motto is ‘We Are Our Sisters Keeper.’ Thanks and much appreciation to all who continue to vote, love and respect the craft of ‘ones talent.’

Coleman also expressed gratitude to those at the Bank of DeSoto, who had enough faith in her to bring her aboard and recognize her talents, moving her up through the ranks of employees at the Bank.

She also fondly remembers Readers Choice awards over past years and the awards presented to her by Executive Editor Joshua Johnson. She closed her interview by remarking “This is dedicated to my friend, Josh Johnson, RIP!”