Mansfield Methodist’s Breast Center is Voted 2022 Readers Choice

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Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Photo courtesy Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

2022 Readers Choice: Best Breast Center

The Breast Center at Methodist Mansfield has been awarded 2022 Readers Choice Award in Focus Daily’s annual awards and Angel Biasatti knows why. “It our people!” she explains. “Everyone in our hospital is here to serve others – and they do!”

The hospital also took the top spot for Physical Therapy and second place for Best Maternity Facility.

The Breast Center in Mansfield Methodist. Photo courtesy Mansfield Methodist Medical Center.

The Breast Center

“We’re so excited to win this because we just opened the Breast Center a few years ago!” Angel said. She’s worked at the hospital for 15 years as Director of Community and Public Relations and says her favorite thing about working there is her coworkers. “I think our people – we have some of the best people in the industry here – make the difference. We have a lot of tenure. It’s such a wonderful place to work! And health care is a great career to work in, serving others.”

Specialty trained physical therapists with specialized training in women’s health have extensive knowledge about issues directly related to women as they move through different stages of life, from childbearing years to the postmenopausal period. Rehabilitation is provided in a one-on-one setting, and individualized treatment programs are developed in a discreet and comfortable environment. Photo courtesy Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

The Mansfield Hospital does it all, according to Angel, “From Mammograms to bone density tests. We do everything necessary to keep our patients healthy.” The Breast Center uses 3D mammography in conjunction with computer-aided detection, which is the latest and most accurate technology.

In addition, to make the mammogram testing more comfortable, the Breast Center offers SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization paddles, which are shaped like women’s breasts to distribute pressure more evenly.

A Tranquil Environment, Fast Results

Results for diagnostic mammograms are available soon after the exam, within 24 to 48 hours, so patients don’t have to wait anxiously to hear their results.

Another reason the Hospital won the award, Angel thinks, is the ambience of the Breast Center. “We have a chandelier that gives the center a beautiful and tranquil environment. We have a dedicated waiting room with coffee, soft, relaxing music, and aromatherapy to help decrease stress and anxiety.”

Most importantly, “Our breast radiologist is Fellowship trained – she has a passion for breast imaging! She did her fellowship in breast health – that’s quite a statement.”

Dr. Magda Rizer is the medical director of the Breast Center at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center and Angel says her training makes her the best in her field.

Along with a very qualified doctor is a nurse navigator who’s survived Breast Cancer twice. “She knows all the ins and outs of this type of Cancer so can speak from her own experience,” Angel says. “Having a nurse navigator who has survived breast cancer twice and can help women through their journey when they’re diagnosed is a blessing.

Best Physical Therapy WINNER: Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

“We’re so excited to win this category too! The expertise we have here is just phenomenal – we’ve earned a reputation of providing quality care for patients recovering from injuries or dealing with issues due to aging or Parkinson’s.”

The hospital provides evidence-based treatment both on the In-patient and outpatient side. “Our staff is certified to help patients increase their physical strength and ability. People who come here with orthopedic or neurological injuries, you want to have some of the best staff to take you through physical or occupational therapy.”

Angel says the staff at Mansfield are some of the best trained therapists in the country. “It’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to be voted the best. Our people are so good at what they do! It’s our strength.”

She continues, “Our staff know the appropriate therapy to help patients with mobility and balance issues and helping with hand injuries. We’ve had patients who couldn’t move their fingers and then after the quality of our staff they get their mobility back.”

Angel points out that the staff is, “Very, very compassionate. We know our friends and neighbors depend on us.”

2nd Place: Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Maternity Facility

With a Level 3 NICU for maternity and a LEVEL 3 for Maternal care, babies that are premature have a wonderful future if they are born at Methodist Mansfield. Angel points out, “We have more advanced health care for pregnancy, along with breast-feeding care for new moms.” There’s also robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery for women who need a hysterectomy or any kind of women’s surgery.

“We’re here to serve women,” Angel concludes, “We give them the very best care they can get anywhere.”


COVID brought many challenges to the hospital and Angel says, “It was a tough time. We had a lot of people here and we were able to save a lot of people. COVID unfortunately took a lot of people too. We learned a lot and had some of the best nursing care here.” She said the nurses used their personal cell phones and laptop so relatives outside of the hospital could communicate with loved one’s Inside. “We had to be creative. We had new moms holding their babies in the window so their relatives could see them,” Angel said. “It was a difficult time.”

RSV is in the news now, with hospitals getting busy with younger patients. Angel says they are seeing more patients with it, “But we don’t keep children overnight, so we treat them and send them home – or to Children’s Hospital if they need more observation.”

The Next Ten Years

The hospital is celebrating its 15th anniversary in December. It opened on December 27, 2006, and the future looks bright.

“Our strategic plan is being reviewed right now and we hope to expand in the near future,” Angel says, “We started with 88 rooms and now have 262 rooms. We originally had one tower and now we have two towers. We are looking forward to expanding to three towers and increasing the size of our emergency department and a lot of our facilities.”

Work to finish out the fifth floor of the current second tower could begin soon. “We have a 23-acre campus, so room to expand. Once approved, Neurology on our 5th floor will be completed, so we’ll double the size of our ORs and provide more operating rooms.”

Meanwhile, the hospital will have a whole new group of nurses in December, due to a collaboration with Texas Tech.

Methodist Mansfield at Sunset. Photo courtesy Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

Texas Tech Connection

Angel is proud to point out that the Texas Tech School of Nursing is now “here on our campus! We are training student nurses here.” The future nurses do their pre-qualification and apply to nursing school, and once accepted, attend classes in the hospital’s office building, and go through the program right there at the hospital. “They don’t have to move out to Lubbock to become a nurse,” says Angel, a proud graduate of Texas Tech. She is thrilled to have nursing students right there in Mansfield, and she notes, “There’s always room for more.” Twenty nurses will graduate in December.

Angel points out, “We always have room for good people. We hire the best and the brightest. We have a lot of nurses that have won awards and honors,” then she adds, “But we don’t do it for the awards, we work here because we love to serve.”

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