Glenn Heights CM Blackwell Answers Questions about Water Increase in City of Glenn Heights

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By CLIFFORD BLACKWELL- Glenn Heights City Manager

Why did my water and wastewater rates increase?

The reason the water and wastewater rates increased was to keep up with increasing costs from its wholesale service providers, the Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) and the Trinity River Authority (TRA).

The DWU makes up 54% of the City’s total budgeted water costs of $3.6 million.

The TRA makes up 92% of the City’s total budgeted wastewater cost of $6 million.

Was an independent study performed to arrive at these rate increases?

Yes, the City of Glenn Heights solicited the help of a consultant named NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC to conduct a water/wastewater cost of service study.They presented the findings to the City Council using five (5) proposed scenarios.

Either scenario would generate enough revenue to cover the necessary revenue requirements of approximately $9 million for FY 2023-24.

The City Council selected scenario #3 because it represented the lesser increase in volume rates when compared to the other scenarios.

A copy of the rate study report can be found at

Have there been previous rate studies before now?

In March 2018 the City solicited RFP (request for proposals) for an independent water and wastewater rate study but it was not completed, nor brought back for the council for consideration.

How long has it been since the last rate increase was made?

It has been approximately 12 years since the City of Glenn Heights increased its water/wastewater rates.

If wholesale costs were continually increasing, could the City have made adjustments along the way?

Yes, the city could have made minor adjustments to the water and wastewater rates during the interim, but it would have been more appropriate to conduct an independent rate study.

Will the rate increase help the City of Glenn Heights make visible updates to the water system/infrastructure?

Possibly. The new rate increases took into account an applied construction cost index of 3.30%, while issuing debt over a 20-year period with a projected interest rate of 3.07%.

This factor assumes the City will fund some water system/infrastructure improvement projects within a certain cost threshold (less than $5 million).

How do I read my water bill? What makes up the charges?
• The water bill consists of the following charges:
o Water Base Charge $20.83 for ¾ inch meter
o Water Volume 0 – 5,000 gal. $2.24/ 1,000 gal.
o Water Volume 5,001 – 15,000 gal. $3.36/ 1,000 gal.
o Water Volume 15,001 + $5.04/ 1,000 gal.
o Sewer Base Charge $39.06 for ¾ inch meter
o Sewer Volume $ 7.24/ 1,000 gal.

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The bill will combine water volume charges and the water base charge into one amount. Likewise, the sewer volume and the corresponding sewer base charge will appear as one amount.

If there are irrigation charges on the bill, then the irrigation charge will appear separately as well.

Please see the ordinance for the water and wastewater fees.

Where can I find a copy of the latest water quality report?


Does the City often experience low water pressure issues?

Generally, the City does not have a low water pressure issue. If you are experiencing low pressure, it is probably due to a water main or service line leak nearby. The average water pressure throughout the City’s system exceeds the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) minimum requirements.

Per the TCEQ, the water distribution system must maintain a minimum pressure of 35 psi during normal operations, and a minimum of 20 psi during emergencies such as fire fighting, as specified in 30 Texas Administrative Code 290.46(r).

Why do I have low water pressure?

There are a couple of reasons for low water pressure. The most common are: There’s a leak in the customer’s service line or the City is experiencing low pressure due to a water main break.

If this occurs, please contact Public Works to verify if there is any repair in your vicinity.