Fresh and Fit Fare: Salata Salad Kitchen Set to Sprout in Midlothian’s Harvest Hill Town Center, Under the Vision of DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor

Salata storefront exterior
Photo courtesy Salata

MIDLOTHIAN – Midlothian residents can prepare for a healthy, fast-casual food option in the future with a Salata coming to Harvest Hill Town Center early next year.

The spot selected for Midlothian’s planned Salata has a planned build-out by February 2024.

DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor is developing the Salata storefront with possible plans to expand to Waxahachie and DeSoto, too.

Proctor said she chose Midlothian first because “Location plays a fundamental role in the success of any business. At the time of our decision, Midlothian presented an opportunity with available spots that aligned with our expansion plans. This made it an attractive choice to kickstart our venture in the area.”

She added, “While the first location has been established in Midlothian, we continue to work diligently on identifying and evaluating sites for our next two Salata Salad Kitchen concepts in the DeSoto and Waxahachie areas.”

Salata was an obvious choice for Proctor.

She said since 2017, she had been exploring the possibility of opening a salad bar concept. She knew franchising with an existing brand would be the most efficient path to achieving her goal. With Salata, the company focuses on fresh and healthy ingredients, and Proctor said, “That resonated deeply with my values and vision for a community-centric restaurant.”

Beyond the personal alignment, Proctor explained her own experience as a patron drove the decision to choose Salata.

“I’ve been a Salata customer for years, and currently,” she said, “I have to travel quite far just to enjoy a meal there. I believe that bringing this brand closer to home would be a tremendous benefit for the entire community, and the quality of the product is something that I can certainly feel good about serving. I am genuinely excited about this opportunity and look forward to bringing this healthy option to our communities.”

Salata will be Proctor’s first restaurant venture. However, she comes from a strong entrepreneurial background. She grew up working in the family business and has always been exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. She has often said her upbringing has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the opportunities that being an entrepreneur brings.

Healthy dining options are something that the Best Southwest community has been very clear on their desire to see for the area, so Proctor said, “I believe bringing this concept to our area is an answer to that request.”

The idea also excites her because she said it allows her to positively impact the community by introducing options that enhance the quality of people’s lives.

“Opening a Salata Salad Kitchen in our region presents an incredible opportunity to provide a fresh and healthy dining experience to our community,” Proctor said. “The Salata brand’s commitment to offering nutritious and delicious food aligns perfectly with my values, and I am thrilled about the exciting journey ahead.”

Salata offers built-to-order salads and wraps with five salad bases, over 50 toppings, fruits and vegetables, and 11 house-made, gluten-free dressings. There are also bento boxes, soups, fresh bread teas, and lemonades.

The company is based in Houston and was founded in 2005. The brand has over 90 corporate and franchise-owned locations in Texas, Georgia, Southern California, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

“I truly believe that the success of any venture lies in the passion and personal connection a person has with it,” Proctor concludes. “With Salata, it was not only the opportunity to fulfill my dream of opening a salad bar concept but also the alignment of my values, personality, and lifestyle with the brand that truly stood out for me. By opening a Salata in our area, I aim to provide a convenient and healthy dining option, contributing to the well-being and happiness of our community.”