First-ever Public Verification Test: Public invitation to test voting system at Dallas County Elections Department

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Dallas, Texas – In a commitment to transparency and the integrity of the election process, the Dallas County Elections Department (DCED) invites the public to participate in an additional test of the County’s voting system ahead of the March 5th Primary Election.

On January 22nd, DCED will conduct its first-ever Public Verification Test of the voting system; this testing is in addition to the state-mandated logic and accuracy testing.

To validate the process of the voting system, participants will be allowed to use ballots containing the same races and propositions as those on the March 5th Primary Election ballots. It is important to note that these ballots will ONLY be used to validate the results produced by the voting machines. Ballots used on Monday are for testing purposes ONLY and will have no effect on the upcoming election.

Dallas County Elections Administrator Heider Garcia emphasized the significance of public involvement, stating, “Trust is not given, it’s earned. We believe that involving the public is essential to earning their trust. By allowing the public to participate in a hands-on way they can verify, by themselves, that the voting process works.”

Public participation will begin at 9 a.m. on Monday, January 22nd, at the Dallas County Elections Department, located at 1520 Round Table Drive, Dallas, TX. 75247. Participants will be given the opportunity to expose any vulnerabilities they believe exist in the voting system.

By actively engaging the public in the testing process, DCED underscores its commitment to security, transparency, and to ensuring a trustworthy election process.