Duncanville Police Say Multiple Dogs Attacked Child In Home

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Duncanville, TX – Monday morning, around 10:40 a.m., the Duncanville Police Department responded to a residence in the 1500 block of Lime Leaf Lane. Police were responding to a call about a young child who was reported to have been attacked by a dog.

Duncanville police officers and paramedics arrived on the scene and immediately began performing life-saving measures on the unconscious child.

According to officials the child was unresponsive, because of the severity of the injuries, Duncanville police officers provided an emergency escort to transport the child to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas by Duncanville Medics.

Unfortunately, the child was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The city issued a press release stating, “Duncanville Animal Control responded to the scene and secured possession of the dog.” However, Interim Police Chief Matt Stogner said in a press conference that Animal Control took possession of the “dogs”; three dogs were involved in the attack. He noted the dogs were confined outside but somehow got inside the house.

According to the police department, the resident was babysitting the child.  As the resident tried to pull the dogs off of the one-year-old boy, she also sustained some injuries. Officials described the dogs as shepherd mixes approximately 80 pounds.

The incident is currently under investigation. Criminal charges could potentially be filed, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Interim Police Chief Matt Stogner said there’s no question this is a tragedy. Police and Fire personnel who responded to the scene worked hard to save the child, and their hearts go out to the family. He reminded all animal owners of the importance of ensuring their animals are confined and that if there are kids around, there’s some adult supervision in case something like this happens.

No names have been released at this time.

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