DeSoto ISD Town Hall Outlines Aggressive Strategic Plan

DeSoto ISD Board

DeSoto ISD Sets Aggressive New Goals To Improve Student Outcomes

Last week’s town hall meeting with the DeSoto Independent School Board Trustees, while virtual, “went great,” according to school board president Amanda Sargent.

The meeting opened with Sargent’s introduction followed by DeSoto ISD Conservator AJ Crabill who was the Board Training Presenter.

The emphasis for the night was the board’s rather aggressive new goals.

The board as a whole is hoping to show the community it is striving to create opportunities to engage with residents. DeSoto ISD Board wants community to stay aware of the details of what is happening in the school district overall.

“My hope is that by creating a space for dialogue we will build trust and improve student outcomes,” Sargent said. “In the face of a global pandemic, every industry is having to reassess their methods. It is no different for DeSoto ISD. Last night we discussed Board Goals that will take us into 2025. By keeping the focus on what our students can do and produce, we will ensure our students remain the center of our efforts.”

Sargent explained the reason for the town hall meeting was because the board will soon adopt these goals that will guide the district’s future.

Focused On Improvement at Campus Level

Improving student outcomes started the list of necessary measures to improve the school district.

While it was pointed out that indeed, the last few years have been a challenge, it was also noted several academic actions were taken that also improved the district.

Looking to the future, there were three actions that could be significant in the future progress of the district.

Aggressively implementing the DeSoto ISD strategic plan was suggested. For example, implementing campus based professional learning communities. Also, deeply investing into the pre-k to 3 foundation, which would mean a district-wide literacy framework as one way to achieve this goal. Also fortifying the district curriculum, which would mean enhancing instructional planning guides and ongoing detailed systems alignment.

Moving Forward With Community Feedback

Regarding the board moving forward with goals, Crabill said “I am very comfortable with them doing so, [then] they must simultaneously do so affording the superintendent the authority to makes the changes necessary. This is a coherent package, and you can’t have these types of expectations for improving outcomes for students without making the investments necessary to cause those improvements.”

Sargent closed the meeting mentioning a survey for the community to be part of for future feedback.

“I believe that last night’s Town Hall went great and is one of many opportunities to engage the community,” Sargent said.

To watch the full meeting visit December 11, 2020 Board of Trustees Town Hall – DeSoto ISD (