Congratulations Sergeant Esquibel 2021 Red Oak Police Officer of The Year

Jason Esquibel headshot
Photo Red Oak Police Department

Red Oak Police Department Announces Officer of the Year

January 19, 2022

Sergeant Jason Esquibel,

I am pleased to announce that you have been selected as the Officer of the Year for 2021.

The selection was based on numerous performance-based metrics, lack of complaints or disciplinary action, documented positive attitude, your dedication to the department, your fellow officers and administration and the high degree of candor you provide within our operations, and your positive and effective interaction with the community at large.

Your furtherance of the Department mission and vision is demonstrated in your performance. You were recognized by numerous supervisors for your attention to detail and specifically your consistent work ethic and willingness to assist your teammates.

While there were many candidates nominated for this selection; your activity level, consistency and performance in regards to the completion of your duties was exemplary.

The continued professionalism demonstrated by you in the completion of your assignments stood out amongst your peers and is openly recognized by your peers, supervisors and administrative staff that selected you to receive this award.

Your selection was based on multiple votes detailing your performance and you are to be commended for your efforts and the example you set for the Red Oak Police Department.

This should serve as a confirmation of your commitment to excellence in the law enforcement profession, the Red Oak Police Department and the citizens you serve.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on being the recipient of the Officer of the Year 2021. You will be honored with a plaque, recognition in the monthly report and presented to the City Council as the Officer of the Year.

Garland Wolf
Chief of Police
Red Oak Police Department