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Emerald Hill Energy Storage is pleased to announce a scholarship fund available to DeSoto High School seniors planning to explore a career in energy storage, renewable energy, or STEM fields. The scholarship is managed in partnership with Concerned DeSoto Citizens, and starting this Spring, it will be awarded to two DeSoto High School graduating seniors pursuing STEM courses in accredited institutions. The application deadline is April 12.

The scholarship fund is part of Emerald Hill Energy Storage’s commitment to enhancing the DeSoto community’s energy landscape and empowering the next generation of leaders in the renewable energy sector. Vesper Energy is dedicated to connecting DeSoto’s youth to the abundant opportunities for good-paying jobs in the renewable energy industry.

Scholarship Details:

  • One $5,000 Scholarship will be awarded annually to a Trade School or Community College student venturing into a trade or pursuing a degree focusing on STEM.
  • One $5,000 Scholarship will be awarded annually to a four-year University or College student undertaking a Bachelor’s degree centered around STEM.
  • The application deadline is April 12.

Fostering academic and professional opportunities for the DeSoto community is a priority for the Emerald Hill Energy Storage team, according to Alex Rohr, Vesper Energy Community Affairs Manager:

“We’re thrilled to introduce this scholarship to demonstrate Emerald Hill Energy Storage’s commitment to a long-lasting partnership with DeSoto and its future leaders. The renewable energy industry holds immense potential for growth and workforce development, and we are excited to provide DeSoto High School students with opportunities to explore a future in STEM careers. We’re thankful for Concerned DeSoto Citizens’ leadership and partnership in developing this opportunity to invest in the future of our industry and in DeSoto.”

Entaune Tyson, Concerned DeSoto Citizens Scholarship Chair, expressed his excitement for the partnership with Emerald Hill Energy Storage:

“Concerned DeSoto Citizens is dedicated to empowering DeSoto’s youth, inspiring students to pursue higher education, and building a stronger DeSoto community. This scholarship enhances our longtime work, and we look forward to partnering with Emerald Hill Energy Storage to cultivate future leaders in the DeSoto community and the renewable energy industry.”

For more information about Emerald Hill Energy Storage’s scholarship program in collaboration with Concerned DeSoto Citizens, scholarship application details, and careers in the renewable energy industry, please visit www.emeraldhillenergystorage.com/storage-scholarship-program.

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