Aurora Presents “Afterwards Was Already Before”

Aurora opens
Marina Rosenfeld _Free Exercise 2016 by Guy L Heureux

Aurora presents “Afterwards was already before” as its fifth biennial edition, starting Nov. 6. The exhibition is curated by Noam Segal and associate curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns. The exhibition will unfold over the next year in a new format, kicking off with a project by artist Marina Rosenfeld. Projects by Jan Tichy and Jess Garland will follow.

AURORA biennial’s first public offering, Marina Rosenfeld’s Ssalute, is a new site-specific sound installation and performance taking over a section of a downtown Dallas parking garage from November 6–8, 10–15, 2020. Rosenfeld’s work registers each visitor’s entry into a kind of temporary and distanced publicness—within the protective skin of their vehicle—with a thickly amplified and augmented trumpet salutation that echoes and decays around them as the visitor ascends the spiral architecture of the parking garage.

The installation and performance is accompanied by a public billboard work. The work is free and open to the public, but registration is required at

Afterwards was already before

“Afterwards was already before” is a theme that addresses the timely politics of the loop, environmental phases, and cycles that organize our lives. The clash between the tightly dense structure of technology and the unpredictability of the natural world is central to these works. Artists in various mediums investigate what happens when we fall in and out of sync with our communities and our environment. Collaborations will take place between the artists and local community groups, sites, and individuals dedicated to arts and education.

Aurora presents Tomorrow was already before
Marina Rosenfeld Free Exercise photo by Guy L. Heureux

“Afterwards was already before” is helmed by independent Brooklyn-based curator and writer Noam Segal. She will be supported by Associate Curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns, co-founders of Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in West Dallas.

An online conversation with Brooklyn-based composer and artist Marina Rosenfeld; Seth Knopp, Artistic Director of Soundings: New Music at the Nasher; and Curator Noam Segal is Nov. 6. They will discuss Rosenfeld’s sound installation and performance Ssalute. Registration will be available at

AURORA is a public art and cultural mission to expand the future of art through a dialogue that engages the creative possibilities within ourselves and each other.