Bluewater Steps Up to Tackle Single-Use Plastic Bottles As New Study Raises Alarm Amid Rising Use

Bluewater Dispenser

In light of the startling revelation by a recent Statista Consumer Insights survey about the world’s massive bottled water consumption, Bluewater, a trailblazing water purification and beverage brand, is ramping up its mission to provide a greener alternative. The study saw 75 percent of respondents in Italy say they regularly drink bottled water, closely followed by 69 percent in Mexico, 66 percent in Brazil, and 61 percent in the United States compared to ‘just’ 34 percent in Sweden.

“Bearing in mind the environmental and social costs of the bottled water industry, our mission at Bluewater to reduce plastic waste and encourage responsible water consumption has never been more critical,” said Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO at Bluewater.

An acclaimed Swedish environmental entrepreneur, he added Bluewater is fast-tracking efforts over the coming months to bring new ground-breaking water purification and beverage solutions to market to address concerns about tap water quality and the pollution caused by unfettered use of single-use plastic water bottles. The United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health says around 600 billion plastic bottles are used annually worldwide with estimated sales topping 270 billion US$.

The Statista survey – noting bottled water is up to 100 times more expensive than tap water – underscores the urgent requirement for alternatives, not least because scientific studies have also shown that bottled water can contain significant amounts of potentially health-threatening microplastic and nanoplastic particles.

Bluewater aspires to improve worldwide access to clean drinking water, positively impacting human health and the environment by redefining humanity’s relationship with drinking water. The water brand’s ground-breaking compact, under-sink purifiers are designed to help consumers and businesses avoid the need for single-use plastic bottles by removing 99.7 percent of all known contaminates from tap water, including toxic PFAS chemicals and microplastics. The company’s patented second-generation SuperiorOsmosis™ reverse osmosis technology also dramatically reduces the water wastage and energy consumption that traditional RO tech is known for.

“Our aim is to inspire a shift in thinking about water consumption and plastic disposal habits by revolutionizing how people access clean water at home, work, and play,” Mr. Rittri said, pointing to how Bluewater technology produces clean water at the point of use, negating the need to transport bottled water over long distances. This emphasis on creating and implementing innovative water purification systems positions Bluewater at the vanguard of global efforts to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable practices.

Bluewater has joined forces with numerous top sporting organizations, hotels, and restaurants worldwide to provide athletes and guests with drinking water access alternatives, furthering its mission to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

At the end of 2023, Bluewater was appointed Official Hydration Supplier to St Andrews Links – a world-renowned sport, leisure, and tourism destination. The move saw Bluewater installing pioneering HORECA solutions (photo above) for producing and serving premium mineralized drinking water across the restaurant facilities at St Andrews Links, the Home of Golf, ultimately ending the need for single-use plastic bottles. The installations allow still or sparkling mineralized water to be served in reusable borosilicate glass bottles, thereby presenting a more sustainable alternative to the high carbon footprint associated with shipping bottled water.

Another exciting development in January this year saw Bluewater unveil its innovative HotelStation™ bottling solution in Indonesia. Marking a significant step in its mission to terminate single-use plastic water bottles in the hotel and restaurant industry, Bluewater launched the station at the 4-star 362-room Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square in central Jakarta, supplying up to 17 hotels locally that offer around 4,000 guest rooms and related restaurant and spa facilities.

“These solutions testify to Bluewater’s commitment to accelerate more sustainable and responsible water consumption around the globe, in homes or hospitality environments, while offering viable and market-ready alternatives to bottled water,” said Mr. Rittri.

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