We get temps in the 90’s for a few more days before triple-digits return…but we don’t have excessive heat in the forecast.

We have one more day with highs in the mid-90’s range before we start warming into the upper 90’s for the rest of the work week. The northeast breeze turns into an eastern breeze Thursday, then back to the southeast on Friday. We get a few high clouds today, then sunshine rules after that.

Some of us could crack 100° Friday, but we definitely return to triple-digits Saturday-Monday. The good news is these triple-digits will be more modest than what we’ve had most of this month. Unfortunately I don’t see any cold fronts or showers in the models for next week – that doesn’t mean that forecast can’t change, but it’s not likely we’ll see any rain for that period. Early September looks warm and dry overall…but it’s not excessive heat (105°+), so that is an improvement!