“Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale” Book Review

dragon's heir the archeologist's tale
Dragon's Heir

“Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale” An Adventure For All Ages

“Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologists Tale” is the latest sci-fi/fantasy book written by Author Glenn Parris and published by Xlibris US. A board-certified rheumatologist, Dr. Parris has been a medical doctor for 25 years. He has been writing science fiction and medical mystery books almost that long.

The “Dragon’s Heir” storyline focuses on a female archeologist, Vit Na, daughter of a noble house of the Efilu. These non-mammals had lived on Earth during the dinosaur era, but evacuated 65 million years earlier when threatened with catastrophic conditions. The Efilu left a group of Keepers and their leader, Dragon, behind.

An Efilu expedition travels back to Earth in search of a cure for a plague that threatens their thriving civilization. Vit-Na is something of a misfit among other crew members of their research vessel ReQam, comprised of specialists and soldiers. But her diminutive size turns out to be their best weapon when trouble strikes.

After their ship is crippled by the new, hostile inhabitants of Earth–a world thousands of light years away from their base–Vit Na is called upon to infiltrate these inhabitants. Surprisingly, she finds herself feeling empathy for these creatures and becomes an advocate for their cause.

What if Dinosaurs Didn’t Become Extinct?

This book will especially appeal to anyone, no matter their age, who loves dinosaurs. The book’s premise of “what if the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct, but instead escaped on an Ark like Noah’s” is fascinating. Unique, fantastic characters; and an interesting, fast-moving plot with plenty of action will keep most “Dragon’s Heir” readers riveted to the page and eager for the next book in the series.

Available at Barnes & Noble and other book sellers, “Dragon’s Heir: The Archaeologists Tale” is priced at $31.63 for hardback, $23.99 (paperback edition), or $3.99 for NOOK Book.

Dr. Parris writes cross-genre books in medical mystery, science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. “The Renaissance of Aspirin,” a Jack Wheaton medical mystery, was his debut novel. Also look for “Unbitten: A Vampire Dream.” For more information, visit Dragonsheir.com/.