Lancaster Councilmember Hosts District 4 Town Hall Meeting

District 4

LANCASTER—District 4 residents, will have a chance to speak 1-on-1 with their elected representative and city officials. A Town Hall meeting will be held tonight from 7 – 8 p.m., at Houston Elementary School, 2929 Marquis Lane.

Lancaster District 4 Council Member Spencer W. Hervey Jr. says he will focus on discussing the state of the city.

“The purpose of our town hall meeting is to provide a vehicle for communication between our residents, city councilmen and city staff. Likewise it will provide information regarding the district and city from the council and staff viewpoint. Also, to address questions from our residents. Finally, to feel the pulse of the community, recruit volunteers and engage our voters in the process.”

Hervey said he believes it is important to discuss both the short and long-term planning for the city as well. The meeting will also afford residents a chance to meet city staff and department heads. He said he believes this is all important in order for the city to reach its goals.

Residents were informed about the upcoming Town Hall meeting through the mail and printed and online invitations.

“We look for key community leaders to attend from HOAs, PIDs, Block clubs, Crime watch groups, voters and non-voters, homeowners and renters, etc … to participate.”

District Four Concerns

Hervey said District #4 is also focused on code issues that affect the quality of life for residents and businesses in the area.

“We want our children to grow into adults and find employment here, so they can raise their families in Lancaster too,” Hervey added.

Other topics are sales and residential tax, the city’s budget, garbage concerns both regular and bulk pickup, employment potential, shopping, warehousing and recreation.

Hervey said each of the topics discussed at the Town Hall meeting will impact the city’s ability to grow properly and adequately allow parents to raise a child.

Finally, tonight’s District 4 gathering is the last of a series of town halls that have occurred throughout the year.

Town Hall meetings are intended to be informal meetings of the City Council and Lancaster residents. It allows an opportunity to discuss emerging issues and to voice concerns, opinions and preferences for their community.

“It provides one process of engagement that allow your voice to be heard for all our residents.” Hervey concluded.

Residents can also apply for openings on the City Boards and Commissions.
For more information, call 972-218-1300 or visit