Coolest Gifts For The Coolest Dads: Father’s Day Gift Guide

tie hat wrenches gift

Choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift can feel like navigating a minefield, especially when Dad’s hobbies range from “collecting rare stamps” to “reorganizing the garage for fun.” But fear not, our gift guides gives you an array of cool options. For the dad who loves his backyard gatherings, a Brutank cooler can keep his drinks icy cold and his dad jokes flowing smoothly.

If he’s more of a fix-it fanatic, the Vornado heavy-duty fan will keep him cool as he tackles his next big project. And for the pool-loving dad, the Bettabot pool skimmer will give him more time to lounge and less time fishing out leaves. Just remember, no matter what you choose, it’s the thought that counts—and that you didn’t resort to getting him another tie… again. Of course, if Dad’s home bar needs a new bottle or two, we have some recommendations too.

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For The “Cool” Dads Vornado Has A Fan For Your Needs

Whether Dad enjoys working in the garage or has his own shop for building projects, he needs a heavy-duty fan to keep him cool. Vornado’s heavy-duty shop/garage fan line are designed to keep the DIY dad cool and comfortable in his workshop, or garage.


Vornado fan in workshop
Photo courtesy Vornado
  • Powerful, fast-moving cooling airflow.
  • Multi-position and tilt- can be vertical or horizontal to customize airflow.
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Three fan speeds.
  • IP54 dust-protected water-resistant motor.
  • Eight-foot grounded power cord with an integrated cord wrap.
  • Available on Amazon for $79.99


Vornado fan on floor

  • Heavy duty, high-velocity whole room circulation.
  • Powerful airflow can clear a garage or workshop of buildup of fumes or dry wet plain or floors.
  • 270° head rotation.
  • Three speeds with glove-friendly controls.
  • IP54 dust-protected water-resistant motor.
  • Available on Amazon for $99.99.

EXO61 Heavy Duty

Vornado fan

  • High-velocity shop fan.
  • Whole room vortex circulation.
  • 3-Speed glove-friendly controls.
  • IP54 dust-protected water-resistant motor.
  • Stable Steel Base
  • The EXOskeleton high-impact housing stands up to the rigors of the job site.
  • Grounded eight-foot power cord.
  • Multi-directional airflow.
  • Available on Amazon for $89.99

Make Pool Maintenance Easier For Dad With Betta Bot SE

Pool skimmer on surface
Betta SE in pool

Have you heard Dad complaining about his ongoing battle with falling leaves and keeping the pool clean? Surprise him with a solar-powered robotic skimmer to save him time and muscle from skimming leaves, grass, pollen, and more. The Betta Bot SE is a game changer when it comes to keeping the pool surface free from debris and swim-ready no matter the season or the weather.

Equipped with twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, Betta Bot SE automatically cleans the pool surface, removing debris like leaves, dust, pollen, insects, and pet hair. Its Aqua Dynamics design ensures exceptional efficiency, enabling 30+ hours of continuous cleaning on a single charge, even on cloudy or rainy days.

Spirits For Dad

If your Dad is a bourbon drinker, but his collection is extensive and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Indigo’s Hour 18 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the latest release from the Orphan Barrel collection of rare and forgotten whiskies.

bottles of Orphan Barrel whiskeys
Photo credit Miguel Buencamino @HolyCityHandcraft

Aged for 18 Years in new charred white oak barrels, Indigo’s Hour is crafted in the tradition of American bourbon-making, with a complex flavor profile and highly limited-time run – never to be reproduced. Show Dad that you recognize he’s one of a kind, just like Indigo’s Hour.

Gentleman’s Cut Whiskey by NBA Champion Stephen Curry

Gentleman's cut bourbon bottle

For the Dad that loves sports and bourbon, Stephen Curry has ventured into the world of bourbon.

Motivated by his passion for premium bourbon, Curry was intimately involved in every step of the process – from the manufacturing to the blending and aging of the liquid.

Gentleman’s Cut is distilled in 500-gallon copper pot stills, giving the whiskey a full-bodied palate and complex aromatic profile. The whiskey is then aged 5-7 years in charred new white oak barrels, resulting in tasting notes of cinnamon, seared caramel, and sweet toasted chestnut. The suggested retail price for Gentleman’s Cut is $79.99 per 750ml.

WhistlePig Whiskey Campstock and Solo Stove Bonfire Whiskey Bundle

Whistle pig whiskey with fire in background
Photo credit Solo Stove

The Bonfire Whiskey Bundle – Solo Stove and WhistlePig Whiskey have joined forces to create a limited edition wheat whiskey called “CampStock.” Utilizing a groundbreaking process, barrels were toasted over Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pits, known for their smokeless operation, to impart a distinctive flavor to the whiskey. Includes a Bonfire fire pit and all the Whiskey and Bonfire accessories you need to raise a toast to good times. You’ll also get a whiskey voucher that can be redeemed for a bottle of Limited Edition CampStock Whiskey.

Games For The Competitive Dad


Word Snap

Make family game night fun and educational with WordSnap. Whether dad is a seasoned wordsmith or a newcomer to word games, WordSnap promises a challenging, immersive experience that invites dad to flex his vocabulary from multiple angles.

Recent recipient of the ‘2024 Top Summer Toy’ award from The Toy Insider– WordSnap, a brand new word-building, puzzle game that doesn’t restrict your play with the confines of a gameboard! Octogonal soft-snap pieces let you craft words vertically, horizontally, and diagonally; creating a crossword puzzle-like grid. As he builds words, unique patterns emerge, offering players unlimited scoring opportunities. With its travel-friendly design and adaptable gameplay, Dad’s sure to have a fun time anywhere he goes while playing solo, with a partner, or in a group!

BrüTank 55-Quart Rolling Cooler

Brutank in alpine grren swirl

Gone are the days of lifting coolers and carrying them to your spot on the beach because they won’t roll on sand. With the BrüTank 55qt rolling cooler and its puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels that effortlessly glide over any surface, this is the cooler every Dad (and family) needs. You can fill the removable 2.8-gallon drink tank with a built-in tap with your favorite adult beverages or keep the sports beverages cold for the soccer team Dad coaches on the weekends. Tailgating? Then this cooler is your bestie; it can hold 12 bottles of wine or liquor!

For The Dad That Loves To Wander

guy with carryon suitcase

Upgrade Dad’s battered carry-on bag with the carry-on from Nomatic. With 30 liters of storage, this bag is designed as the ultimate three-to-five-day travel companion. It’s built to last and makes it easy to pack a lot and stay organized. Made with a durable Polycarbonate shell and silent Hinomoto Wheels, Nomatic’s carry-on suitcase is made for the road warrior.

For The Active Dad

hats and towel

Staying cool while working in the garage, the yard or working out is important. Help Dad stay protected from the sun and cool with hats or towels from MISSION. MISSION, co-founded by tennis queen Serena Williams and basketball star Dwyane Wade offers innovative cooling accessories perfect for active dads,

For The Stylish Dad


Your Dad is one of a kind with a style that stands out. Give him a pair of boots from TAFT that will turn heads and earn him compliments. TAFT boots are designed with boldness in mind to ensure all products are as unique and stylish as our customers. Every pair is hand-cut and hand-painted using the best leathers from Europe.


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