Saturday, December 14, 2019
A Wrinkle in time

A Wrinkle in Time: Just in Time for Spring Break

A Wrinkle In Time Movie Review: Finding Inner Strength I saw a screening of Director Ava DuVernay’s new film, A Wrinkle in Time, last night...
black panther

Black Panther: A Super Hero Worthy Of The Title

Black Panther Movie Review Marvel’s new “Black Panther” film gives audiences all the action, thrills and excitement expected from the Super Hero Universe. But with...
Hostiles Review

Hostiles: A Gritty Western Adventure Drama

Hostiles Review, Violence & Grit Director Scott Cooper also wrote the screenplay for “Hostiles,” an intense look at the unforgiving climate endured by American settlers...
Justice League

Justice League Promotes Team Work

Justice League Brings Your Favorite Superheroes Together Even super heroes work better as a team, according to The Justice League, Warner Bros. Pictures’ newest Marvel...
Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok-A Weekend Must See

"Thor: Ragnarok" is Marvel Studios/Disney Pictures newest chapter in the ongoing super hero universe. That universe has become a mainstay of our culture, since...
american made

American Made Review: Cruise Is Riveting

American Made Review: Cruise Delivers A Riveting Performance “American Made” is an action film with one of those stranger than fiction stories that leaves...
Rebel in the Rye

Rebel in the Rye: Dismal Portrayal of Reclusive Author J. D. Salinger

Rebel in the Rye is something called a “biopic” in the movie industry. That term too often means the creative team is trying very...
lady macbeth

Lady MacBeth Gleefully Escapes Her Corset

“Lady MacBeth” is not Shakespeare’s wicked femme fatale. Lady Katherine (Florence Pugh) is a repressed young woman, sold into marriage to a bitter, much...
Beatriz at Dinner

Beatriz at Dinner Pits Saintly Healer vs Arrogant Billionaire

A more appropriate title for Beatriz at Dinner, starring Salma Hayek and John Lithgow as opposite examples of humankind, might be “Beatriz Goes Berserk.”...
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Rocks! A Film Review

Gal Gadot may not have been born on the mysterious Island of Themyscira, but she seems to have been born to play the role...