iPhone 7 Rumors Continue Before Launch

iPhone 7 rumors

iPhone 7 Rumors Continue Ahead Of Next Week’s Launch

Everyone is losing their minds over rumors about the new iPhone 7. Since the early days of the smartphone, we all remember the iPhone first coming out and soon everyone had to have one. Nine years later, and now it’s time for the latest and greatest. The iPhone 7 will be unveiled on Sept. 7th. A day many Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting, and meanwhile the rumors are growing.

7 Rumors About The iPhone 7

iPhone 7 will be available in either a 4.7- inch screen on the iPhone 7 or a 5.5- inch screen on iPhone 7 plus. Previous iPhone 7 rumors, mentioned the possibility of an iPhone Pro, but the latest buzz is only two phones will be revealed.

Overall design of the new iPhone will generally be the same, but rumors say a completely redesigned home button will be coming to the iPhone in 2017. Rumor is the home button will be pressure sensitive, more like the tech used on 3D touch screens.

iPhone 7 will have a new camera with better optics. The iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to have two dual facing rear cameras with ability to produce crisp and clear photos even in low light conditions.

Now here’s where things start to get a little crazy, no headphone jack. Yes, that’s right, the new iPhone will not have a headphone jack. Apple has said that we will all find out on the 7th, why there isn’t a jack for the phone. Speculation is Apple will unveil wireless earbuds which they’ll call “airpods”. Question is, will these “airpods” be Beats bluetooth earbuds?

Storage space will be larger, Apple is eliminating the 16GB iPhone. iPhone 7 base models will start with 32GB going up to an available 256GB memory (don’t expect that much memory to be cheap). A faster A10 processor with the iOS 10 upon launch of the IPhone 7. Rumors say there will be 2GB RAM on the iPhone 7 and 3GB of RAM on the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 rumors mention initial release date (for some countries) as either Sept. 16 or Sept. 23.

iPhone 7 is water-resistant or waterproof, with a better speaker, and of course the one thing all smartphone users are looking for, longer lasting battery capacity.

Check out this video from Gottabemobile.com with a look at what we might see on September 7th.

When dealing with Apple they could always drop a new horizon of smartphone tech on us. We’ve all seen it in the past and can only hope for more excitement in the future. Or we could all be disappointed and hold tightly to our iPhone 6’s until 2017 when Apple evolves the iPhone.


iPhone 7 rumors
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